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Dolapo INIASU!! June 9, 2012
INIASU INIASU!!! Mmma Boobse!

 Oh my darling! I honestly cannot believe I am writing this.

 I saw your name on the manifesto, I was like 'lol! Lies!! Lies!!'

 My showers person. You were the razzest Ibibio person I had ever met. The way you spoke the language - Oh dear! Oh dear dear! You ate tooo much, and everyone was just wondering where the food was going. And the way you and Nyaknor just used to go around shouting 'Mimi! Mimi ooo!!...

You made me laugh so much.

And then  surprise surprise, we were in Covenant, I didn't even know you were there. Doing Architecture, and I was like 'Iniasu! You sef dey draw?' The way you'd shout for one of your friends across the dorms in Esther Hall. Shout like this ehn! and I'd be like 'What is this one shouting about this morning?' Your outfits were always kickass, and your shoe collection was to die for!

I used to watch you with your friends, and I could see how loved you were. How cherished and how warm you were to them. Who can blame them? 

You told me you were coming to the Uk last year, but I didn't get to see you. You were passing through to go to Italy, like the baller that you are.

I wish I talked to you more. I really wish I did. I wish I kept in touch more after Showers and Covenant, but life got in the way. I wish Life didn't get in the way, and I wish I tried more. My wishes are nothing now...

I'd think of you sometimes, and go on your facebook page to see what you'd been up to, and then seeing you happy, seeing you made me smile.

Sleep well my friend.

I have so many questions, and my brain doesn't want to process, I want to pray. I can't so I sit and cry.

I pray for strength for your family and friends. The grace to hang deal with this pain.

Rest in Peace my darling... 

God bless you.

Forever in our hearts.

I miss you.

Bisola my lepa friend, my colleague....... June 9, 2012
wen i hrd, i din bliv wen cybill pingd me, i alredi cried my eyeballs out, n my aunt was like she myt nt v boarded so i shud stop crying until we r certain abt t. n i kept on calling her lines, it was off, called mobo, called cybill, called gbola, she wasnt piking, i jus bursted into tears agn fr gbola nt to pik, it gave me d message, my aunt still said we shud kip praying n alas, i saw d list n i had to jus cry out my grieve thru out d nyt, i cudnt work d next day, my eyes were hevi but i bliv God knws best.
i met you when we were in 200l, when you came dwn to E106 to check moji my room mate that happen to be ur frnd and course mate. u din form at all, we were all talking gisting like we knew each oda since foreva. that day u got my attention and i reli luvd ur person, i cud tell d kinda person u were then n subsequently u kept on coming, i rmbr u so love dt my big blue soft duve n u always tease me abt t, u alwaz take t to ur room upstairs, i neva even bothered cos i jus luv ur personality. u were a cheerful giver, i rmbr the day i was sleeping and smh bfr i woke up sme1 stole my wallet underneath my pillow cos i dint lock the door, u bought me food dt day when i wasnt even expecting t n it was even bashan sef. i was neva worried then weneva u cme dwn to the room with moji cos ur presence in the room mkes d room lively. i rmbr u so love watching movies, at a point we became friends too dt u even come dwn when moji isnt around. n oh yes ebun! she luvs to cook noodles and she neva grumbles at all. i reli enjoyed each moments we spent together then, i was neva hungry when i was in dorcas E106 cos ini and my room mate moji were so caring and loving. I also rmbr then wen i am sick, moji and ini wud take gud care of me that sometyms i neva wanna getwell soon*sob*.
And 300l came along, we became a bigger family, ini,ope,bimbo,ebube,sophia,cybill and so on, we all go to chapel and sit together opposite paul hall section. i rmbr how we all used to kip space and den pple will be shouting and we neva even snd dem. 400l came and it was fun aswell bfr we went for IT.
500l we were all on the same wing, n then i hear pple shouting 'ini asu' left right and centre especially ebun. i rmbr how i see u alwaz luking fabulous. there is no day i jam u on d college way that i dont say 'ini u r luking gud' i rmbr u were alwaz on my floor, eida in cybill's room, ebun's rum or my rum. i rmbr wen u came to slp on esoesa's bed to watch series. i rmbr wen i was sick n i fainted in terbernacle u came to my room n u were asking me if i was ok still, n wen i refused to go to d clinic, u were part of the pple that insisted. i rmbr u always come for eso's kettle n immediately u ask for kettle ino u wanna mk noodles n smetyms i ask u to mk fr me and u dont hesitate. all u do is jus to call my name in ur tone 'bissolllaaa'.
Alas, it was nysc tym n we all found ourslves in lagos camp, me, ini,gbola, mobola, bunmi, sylvia n dami. ini n gbola were the ones that even gave bunmi n i space to slp. we all eat together smetyms. i rmbr her yabbing me that its man i am following on camp that i shud beta come and hang out with dem oh! Camp brought all of us much more closer. We used to gist in the room that they alredi knw us in that room. i rmbr herslf n bunmi ll squeeze on that tiny camp bed. n oh yes ini likes to sleep, wen u wake her up like ds, she ll just stretch n turn n sleep on
Then myslf n ini were posted to mobil, which they din call us to start wok on tym, we both use fone calls to harmmer the head of the guy in charge of copas then n smh ini was called frst cos thr wasnt space fr engineers then. i rmbr her laffing at me that who send me message go do engineering...she started work n became our insider in mobil to be giving us update if they have started calling engrs. one holy morning ini jus called me that she met one copa that jus resumed n he is batch B copa oooooo exactly her tone! she screamed 'Bisola pls try n luk for smeone to push for u oooooo' if u dnt want to start work in june. i was so scared on the fone n when she noticed my panic, ini tried to make me see every reason that i would come in pretty soon, though i knew she was jus trying to be d gud frnd that she was reli. Fortunately for me i got in 1month after her, and we were in diff dept, diff building. i rmbr her always asking me wassup wv derek? n im like nothing n she goes like hmmmm! yeye geh! and u brot him to mobola's party? wu r u deciving? u dont knw ur gettn old shey? n i ll jus be laffing.
i rmbr i saw her @ MOP, i was shocked to hear her shout my name, i said wat u doing here? Herslf n Busayo were in the bus together n she was like shes gonna b thr for 2wks.
She was also part of my sis wedding train, with gbola, mobola, oshos and others. We were all happy. Left lagos on friday. Had fun together, little did we know that she was gonna leave this way. In our very last chat, the chat was so long, ini reli chatted wv me real long n i was forced to admit sme certain things cos she was on my throat. bt ryt now, im happy i told u d truth ini love cos i cnt imagine neva answering the question u av been asking me since. im glad its not a pending question btw us. Now that uno the answer before u departed suddenly, i am sure u are hapi wt me.
I also know that u r wt God n u r more beautiful n dresses in glamorous wears, with real gold assesories, beautiful heels, sitting majestically like a queen. Your thoughts, memories, luv u av shared be known foreva by me and by odas too. I luv u darlyn n i ll always keep u @ heart..... sleepwell boo
Tolu samaiye MY INI June 9, 2012
My fone rang and it was cybril, she called to ask if i knew your house in magodo, i asked why, wat happened, then she told me you were gonna take dana air back to lagos. initially i heard about the crash but didnt think it was dat serious till i saw pple tweeting about it, the wen i finalli realised dat was meant to b your flight i became very attentive, started callin everybody i knew i shared u with to ask if they had heard from u, kept on calling your fone hoping u wud pick till i called buki bankole and she told me ur fone was bad. ooo ini, writing this with tears i can barely see my keyboard......i remember wen i first met u in 100 level i came to ask u for sumthin (i cant even remember wat), then we were hello n hi till year 4, then year 5 came wen we got talking.....i almost cant believe u re gone, my darling u re forever in my heart....i constantly remember wen buki bankole shouts ini asuuuu....i can still hear u shouting from ur F200 cybril oyakireeeee....i remember tolu samaiye nowwwww pls go to cafe. lol..i cud ev never thot that today i wud be writing all of this...i remember wen i came to play with u at straford, it was such a long train ride to straford lolol,u came to get me from the station, walking to ur house  "ahan ini dis ur house is far oo, thot u said it jst few minutes away" and she said ehnnn naaa....babycakes wud always remember u......mar 5 came, my birthday, u were the last person to get to my house for the infamous home baked cake and wine lol, dat day was so much fun even tho we were jst 5 girls in the room, it was like the best bday ever...thank u for been a part of it......forever in my heart baby...
AROGEGBOLA Do you even understand June 9, 2012
Ini  baby my last words to you were you look so hawt, is this mum's shop, I still saw you on Saturday wen I fought you for not sleeping over in my house and going to bimbo's instead. I still remember our red colored relaxer we bought together, Ini you bought two different  ones cos u liked both....u would never go for anything less than the best. 
Both of us knew, I was dat annoying friend that would call u five minutes after u leave me I Ini re u home now, re u okay" the both of us could eat for Africa. You were that person dat  had dis reliable instincts, and would always follow it......when I heard of the crash I said Ini can't be there.....u literally broke my heart,

I remember year 1 how we became friends wen we had to  sort out our results account and CBS....u were 1 of my first estate friends.
Year two I remember how I loved ur clothes, and how we would complain abt people dat annoy us, I rem dat valuation test I had 0 zero and u had like 10, I remember how u had an A in valuation, wen bukky and I had D's. And we were like Ini how did u do it.
I rem alldoes exam period's in Folu and Ife's room how u, and moji would read there all through the night, wen I walk into the room am like hmmmm have I read u rem our arc 111 carryover, how dat woman embarrassed me during class, I had you to rely on. 

Then finally I fell IN love with u in year 3 I always hated how u always stayed in ur room alone, but den I rem d days of going to class together, den going to caff, going to church you always looking nice....everytime I see u am like Ini u look nice, oya gimme dis top u will now say na so.  I rem all dos days I will come and ask u, do u think Ajibola will give us test today, u will now be like Gbola leave me alone. I remember our Estate dinner, and our bohaimian curls.....u and i had it on as well as  bukky and folu......yours was the nicest. I rem all dos spaghetti days, I still can't get over how ur room was always clean. All our faith tabernacle days, husling for shuttle together to sharply get to caff. 

Then we were roommates.....every one said it was going to be a disaster knowing how ure annoying and am more annoying. I wld always say Ini am d best roommate uve ever had and u will be like ehen.....and smile and I will keep saying it...
I remember how we would stab me and u in dat wasn't even a joke.You gave up on cleaning up d whole room cos I was just impossible, but ur own side would be clean..den rem Tolu's photoshoot wen every 1 was in our room trying on clothes...we had a swell day, den we would go home together and u rem how I still wouldn't cook, and d both of us will now starve till my sis re around. Rem how I will disturb u with dat drSID song.....I know I ruined dat song for, and wen am being cranky u will just leave me to sort out my sef. There was nobody dat knew me dat didn't know alll four of u guys,annd I will now be like and my annoying bestfriend Ini...I really love u, u were dat sister and friend i knew I always had to watch out for, take care of ....and wen am being all clingy, u used to almost be like dis Gbola...every 1 knew u were d only one dat could handle me. I rem wen u were on IT, and u called on my birthday, u were like Gbola have been trying to reach u and am like my fone was off.....u just started saying it is only u dat would switch off ur fone on ur birthday ...I miss u, who will I fight with now, I don't know anybody at cd place....I will just be sad...I will call u every last CD Ini re ugoing to be around...cos i knew at  least I could play with u. I remeber yr calm encouragement and dat soothing relieve u gave me wen we were roommates.

500 level dat g109 room, u would come and sleep in our room for days, on dat small bed we will squezze our self...den we will dance and talk all of us...den we will wait for Biodun's KFC on Sunday's. It was such a happy time not withstanding all d work we had to do. Den rem dat our black comment... Am tired of typing......d memories re just clear, you knew dat no matter how much u friend prostitute, you knew u had some girls somewhere dat loved u and u loved back..
We would fight for clothes, I rem wen I stole dos two tops from u, and u stole dat long gown back...I rem wen we struggled for the gown, den I gave up....omg I forgot to mention all dos bras u bought for me every time u traveled ......every year since year two...dat was how I fell In love with dem...I will now be parading hostel feeling hot...I rem how u will sayqueen G den yimu, especially wen am getting angry I will now laugh...den dat face u will have wen u want something, will just have to give u, but I will abuse u first.
Den all our outing.......dats wen u were d happiest....and every 1 loved to see u dat way. You rocked. 
Convocation time wen we left school by 5 am to fix our eyelashes, den our hair. How we all talked about ur Yoruba husband, how wen  u talked about  those calabar things, we will all laugh. 

I rem all our beach paroles how we wld take pics 4 d world, how wen our Gls group is boring u will come up with something.
Den I rem camp, we rocked and with style. I rem d day u walked in, d whole camp noticed u, and ur catwalk....d whole camp on parade ground. I rem wen our money had almost finished we knew we couldn't starve..all d gisting.  Me you, dayo. Morayo, Bunmi,bisola, tunde. We could eat small chops, dats how we were fat in dey wanted u to do miss Nysc for ur platoon....and ure like God forbid. I miss u very much.

Den dat day at my mum's shop going everywhere  gisting, my sis and her friend kept wondering wat we were talking abt. All our silly fights just make me laugh.
I remember how angry I will get wen u don't keep in touch I was always so angry

But den I remeber your love, smile, laughter, wen u dance, ur calmness, how beautiful and patience u could be.  all my memories with u,...even a million words and we would still have more.

                      GBOLA....QUEEN G


Bimss Nini love...... June 9, 2012
We were floor mates in 100L, you knew me as one annoying floor mate nd I knew you as a random person. We became friends in 200L, that was how  our friendship started...we became close(you were a good friend to who ever you call a friend)..300L, u spent most of the time in my room then I went on IT, we were still friends..400L we became closer, then u went on became a regular face in ma house, you could come anytime and sleep, my house was your 2nd home in lagos. I remember '10 grads, u were in ma room all through the grads ceremony...your 500L, you came from school anytime  and spend the weekend in ma house especially ur grads prep..I remember when u fell seriously ill, my parents had to take you to the hospital very late nd you were admitted for days...had to stay in the hospital with you morning till evening, get drugs, make food and take to the hospital till you were discharged...days your mum would call that she hadn't heard from you, summer hols days,days I annoyed u, days u annoyed me ...memories after memories, the sunday before this tragic day your were in my house you said you were coming back for a week when you get back from abuja but you decided to go to heaven forever...I remember telling you I was in ope's house, you said "how I wish I was there" and I told you next time..there will never be a next time but you will be remembered forever...The pleasures of earth can not be compared to the JOYs of heaven...I love and miss you NINI.
Nnenne Ude Ini... June 9, 2012
Ini, if you ever doubted that you were loved please doubt no more. You were greatly loved,
you still are loved and you always will be. God does love you more dear.... We will meet again ...
Until then, keep smiling Ini... Adieu
Audrey cant find a title June 9, 2012
as am writing this i cant stop crying.. i dont know what to write because i still dont believe. although we wernt so close ut i still remember the first time gbola brought me to your room and she kept on saying how pretty your clothes are/were. u had this check blue and red belt and shoe and a grey dress like kind of blazer. Ope sent me a voicenote crying on sunday that our ini but we are not sure!i went like God, I dont want to know anybody on that flight please dont tell me..i saw it my self, i saw pictures, i still dint bliv. i was concerned about the people you left behind. This is one pain i know would be difficult to get over. I cry everyday because ! day isnt even enough to mourn someone as dear as you. you were my akwa ibom sister. i dont even know what to were so full of life, loved to look good, happy.i still dont understand whats going on, you would have so loved your children with everything in you., You left too early!i cant imagine. Please tell God to console those You left behind and dont forget to save the best houses with gold roof for us.. we all love u somuch. We now have a perfect chanel to reach God quickly *wink*, your eyes..
You can never be forgotten 
ebun an open letter to my calabar madame....abasi mbok June 8, 2012
ini baby,i dont tink i told you how much i luved you and cared about you enough,now i regret it so much.i remember wen i met u in yr 1,i just tot who is this 1,you had braids on that day n from then in it was just hello,hi....yr 3 when i got to know you were so sweet but soo annoying n will say tins lik ebun im watching u or ebun im ignoring you.til that summer wen we became unseperatable when il go all the way to strafford to see you,i couldnt sha kip away,n dat day when we were in westfield from 10am and spent so many hours in new look...i wanted to strangle you that day cz we were supposed to be helping my aunt shop for orode,or the day we spent d whole day on oxford street,when ill say ini borrow me 5ponds n d next 30 mins u have said ebun abeg just borrow me dat 5 pounds back lemme add to buy this bag n dat was how we went on the whole remember when we bought matching earrings and we got back to school n dat stupid revo boy seized 1 of mine n i threw d 2nd 1 away in d grass to pain him,you were even more upset than me.i started laughing when you finished lamenting,i was lik ini just cool down.there wer so many times when i said ini ur soo annoying or take your trouble and go that i meant to say ini i luvvvvvvv u and so caring.i remember yr 5 alpha u wer always in my room,on my bed even when i wasnt there-(ebun lets eat,ebun lets go to cafe to buy peppersoup,ebun find indomine n ill cook for us,ini lets watch film today,ini move inside jor ur takin all d space,oya ini come n go to your room ur wahala is too much,ini iron for two naw,ini please your straightner,ini help me loosen my hair,ini leave your bucket in d laundry im comin to your floor to bath...the list is endless).you remember alpha break wen we had to go to school for project and me,u,moji n gbola stayed in camp house it was sooo much fun n dat day we went out wit jarilyn...the 1st tin u said you said wen we enterd d room was please i cant slip on this bedsheet oh lets change our ocd frnd...u didnt rest till they changed our room.i wanted to tel you how annoying your cupboard was dat it was over neat and you had an extreme case of some type of neat freak disease and if u used cold water starch for your bedsheets.u know it was u got me to buy start loving animal prints,now i cant get enough of it.
you are such a good person,a go- getter in every sense of the word,wot u wanted or believed in,you got it.i remember 2nd semester wen you wer soo close to entern 2.1 u didnt rest,that was wen u became so quiet,iv neva seen you so quiet and hiding to read....'lia lia dis 2.1 ebun i must enter it o,ive come too close...i remember some days b4 grads wen i heard you made it i was soooo excited for you...u just did those ur big eyes and said before nko i was going to make it.i was sooooo proud of u.
the last time i saw you was when you stayed in my house,it was lik the good times when we did everything together and made me slip on the right when u knew i didnt lik it.we wud stay up everynite n il put my head on your shoulder and we wud gist for hours n il whisper sumtin i did n ul scream prostipa,you wont change and u wud ask if i was hungry that u want to cook noodles,i always wanted to hug u at dat point,i was just fronting.and you wer so scared that the dogs will bite u n il tel you to come bac home earlier if u didnt want to see them,n everytym u went out ul buy me sumtn i liked either ofada,credit or a braclet or send a msg that wot of if d cab man kipnapped you that i cudnt cal to find out if u wer ok  abi?...n il laugh n reply luv u too boo.
i luv u soo much,im going to miss your kind heart,you rolling your eyes at me,hugging you,hearing you shouting prostipa u wont change n hold down a good guy,those your sweet noodles,miss u cuddling me when im sad and wer the epitome of a great friend you wer always there for me,good or bad,sad or crying,on rainy days.i wish i could hug u 1 more time,n shout ini i luv u from f305 1 more time.i cudnt ask for a better friend,i cudnt ask for better motivation,cudnt ask for a better person to push me.i just wanted you to know that your a jewel and you will always be in my heart and the heart of every1 who u wer close to and even those that barely knew you.
my calabar baby,my sweetheart,my scary spice rest in perfect peace and know that il always carry u in my heart and im goin to leave my life d way you would have wanted me to-fun but responsible.i will never forget you.i luv u so much.
p.s make sure you pout and roll your eyes at angel gabriel
Blinks THOSE EYES June 8, 2012
'got home, checked my phone. plane crash.
Put on the pc, got online. Gory.
Logged into twitter, strange tweets. worried.
Unassumingly, waited for the manifest, got it.
No one I knew was on board, unknown phone call, long lost friend. whew.
Back to work, dinner, Jimi's phone call.
You we're on board.

Hearing those words was the hardest thing ever, it sounded surreal. 

I have stared into those eyes for hours, and can only recount the joy you brought to me and all your loved ones. Your friends and everyone who knew you testify to that, was it how with you there was never a dull moment and how you could sleep, I do too; or how pleasant and charming you were.

You struck me as friendly, caring, real, fun and mos def pretty. 

I wouldn't consider myself your closest of friends but I cherish every second we spent together.

We all have to leave this earth someday, 'just didn't think you'll leave so soon. Gradually as I come to terms with reality, memories flood my mind, and I remind myself that someday we would see again and I'd get to tell you how much I loved staring into those eyes.

I ask God to help your family go through this painful period as well as all your friends who were like sisters to you.

Your legacy Lives on through me and everyone you impacted in this short time.

Farewell Ini Asu.
bube my size 0 model June 8, 2012

I remember the first time I saw you in year one, I was like how can someone be this thin, tall, black and fine its not fair (she laughs), u always had a smile on your face, well of cos except when you were under that hot otta sun. I remember all our talks and funny heart to heart conversations in bimbo’s student council room, our hiding place till we were chased out, people screaming your name from all corners of dorcas hall. The Christmas we spent together in calabar was the bomb, our Shiloh days, and welcome to Lagos with the girls lol.

    Ini Asuuuuuu my akwa ibom champ. It was like a dream, I just woke up that morning, saw bbm updates, twitter stories, and im like owww eyah not again, Nigeria which way… ope’s status update changed everything “no,it cant be possible” and the Voice note that followed it didn’t make it easier, I had started crying before the manifest came out , we started praying in GLS, I gave prayer request, sent u bbm’s that you should charge your phone and call somebody. I was on my phone through out church service, I could barely breathe, never it can not be ini asu, then the second voice note from ope, this time she was crying, I knew that was it, It was over I cried uncontrollably I refused to believe that you were no more, I had just asked you to come over for summer and making you feel jealous cos I was gonna spend the summer with bimbo and ebun…but God in his faithfulness sent His comforter through the daily devotional ‘our daily bread’ from the 6th of June till the 12th of June  there was always a message,then Isaiah 57:1-2 sealed the deal, I was at rest that He had taken His angel back.

   Many loved you and you will forever be loved till eternity. Your memories will forever be in my heart just like a tattoo…walk on baby walk on ini my love



Opeteddy Ini my hottie June 8, 2012
Plane crash! 20mins later..My fone rang, it was bimbo.. "Ope, ini is comin bak to lagos dis evenin with dana"... I'm like "what?" We dint wanna believe till d manifest came out, I kept updatin my bb status, I was uneasy.. I needed u to call that u wr ok.. Bout 11pm, manifest comes out and ur name is on it.. I was unconsolable. We all were!
Oppeeeee" in ur squeaky voice, u would call me :) and smile.. I really liked you ini.. I met u in 200 level when u wr damis roomate, I remember how everyone wanted to be ur roomate cos u wr very arranged n all of that. Your locker :o, clothes!! Shoes!! Accessories... U had it all.. U could dress up for days. I remember some intimate talks we had n m happpy I can say u wr my close friend.. Writting this breaks my heart. You we're wonderful, you couldn't hold a grudge evn if u wr angry with ur friends. Never a dull moment with u ini, u liked life! U loved ur friends but as much as u did, once u make up your mind, that's it! One memory I can never forget was the "welcome to lagos" weekend, it was too funny... 
We all miss u bad bad! We wr meant to hangout when u got to lagos, but u stopped @ heaven instead. :) God knows best. No pleasures on earth can compare to the joy in heaven. Ur definitely in a bettÉr place. And I love u forever! 
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