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Bukky Forever in our hearts June 3, 2018

I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new.
I thought of you yesterday and days before that too.
I think of you in silence as I often speak your name.
All I have are memories and your pictures on Facebook.
I‘m glad we made this website for You, It helps me smile.
Your memory is my keepsake with which I'll never part.
God has you in His keeping.  I have you in my heart. 
Sleep well my darling Enigma, for your memories are with us Forever . 

Ebun I still miss you January 26, 2018
I still miss you so much. RIP ini.
Christian I miss you December 22, 2016
Just remembering working with you at Exxon. I miss you Ini
gbola we still miss you June 28, 2016
hey babyyyy,

we still miss you.

its 2016 and we still miss you.

Bukky Baby Girl June 3, 2015
I saw this quote the other day, and I smiled... the fact is that you are irreplaceable.
No matter how much progress I've made, no matter how many new friends I have,how happy I've become, how old I am..
There is still this void, this emptiness... I miss you sooo much, sometimes I scroll through my contact list and wish I could call.
to check up on you, to see how you are doing, if you are happy or feeling cheeky because you now know all our gist...
Sigh! I really do miss you, and we all do. keep resting on my baby. xxx
Bimsss 3 years without you...I miss you, we all miss you. June 3, 2015
I dont even know what to say, i feel like writting alot but the words are not coming...I miss you, we all miss you. Alot of things have happened but we know you are with us...its 3years already my dear friend...continue to rest on...xxxxxx 
Bube 3 years.... June 3, 2015
Ini Asu, it's been 3 years and it still doesn't feel real to me or any of us. Frankly with how life has gotten for us all we still can not forget you. I really don't have anything to say because words fail me honestly. All I can say is that I miss you and I love you! We love you and we deeply miss you baby! Keep resting 
Gbola INI May 18, 2015
Ini, we still miss you, and its still painful. Love you babes
Udeme Missing you November 24, 2014
Just thought of you in the middle of work and I'm struggling with tears. We miss you so much, remember how there were plans to go for Masters and so much. You were such a wonderful person, just like your mum. Never met an AMAZING person as she all my life.

Rest easy, love 
foluwa Remembering you June 3, 2014
Hi Ini Asu,

So its been 2 years today, i dont know how that has happened.
I dont know how we all got the strength to move on, so many things have happened, i am sure you know all of them.
So many things we planned to do together..... There is still a void whenever we do these things.....Remembering you.

So now i call everybody "baby girl" like momsy calls you, some people dont know why i do it, but i just try to find a way to still hold on, I pray that you are happy where you are baby girl, far far away from these world.

Remember Remember Remember..... I have not words to say, sometimes when i feel sad, i know mom feels worse, I tried to remind everybody on her birthday to call her, just so that she would not feel the void, but i could still here it in her voice that she was sad, that her baby girl is not here.

So many memories, life still to come, please watch over all of us..... The Five now the The four..... Sisiters eternally.

Love you so so much, tears in my eyes, so much feeling i cannot express, it shouldnt have been, but God knows why, He has an ultimate plan. Ild hold on, ild trust that we would be Okay...

Take care Darling

Love Foluwa.... 
Omote I miss you Ini June 2, 2014
I miss you so much. Hmmmmmm it's 2014!!! A lot has happened Ini sighhhhhhhh
i miss you so much . I really do!! I miss you.. I am so blank
I am literally shaking and crying. I don't even know who to call and relate to. Everyone says
it's well it's fine
i miss you thooo
Rest in peace
Bimsss 2years...just like yesterday!!! June 2, 2014

Ini Asu,

it's two years you left us already!!! feels like yesterday, i still cry when i remember, i cry when i remember our last moments, i cry when i remember the last things you said to me...i am crying as i write this....Ini i miss u sooo much!!!, we all do but we know you are in a better place.

We have not forgotten your parents...was in abuja in feburary and i stayed with mummy for 2days, she was so happy ini!!!.

i really dont know what to write, alot of things have happned since you left... everyone is doing well,im getting married wont be on my train, remember how we used to talk about our weddingsSmile, i know you're with us.

ini i misss uuuuuuuu, i really blank, all i know/think about is how i miss you!!!! 

continue to rest in peace my dear friend....xxxxxx 
dami.A Hey January 18, 2014
I think about you everyday! it's 2014 and so much has happened. It's still unbelievable but I guess that i'm just special like that lol. I miss you so much and I just want to talk to you.
gbola ini October 3, 2013
it been over a year... now. There is another plane crash. we wore your shirt june 3rd and we didnt plan, apperently your friends think alike. there was another plane crash Ini, it brought back frsh memories of june third...
we miss you, just said to let you know.. It would hv been nice if you were here with us... ++i still cant find the still seems quite you boo.
Udeme June's almost here :( May 13, 2013

The thought of the fact that June's almost here makes me miss you afresh. Can't believe its almost a year already since you went to be with the Lord. Time sure does flies. Hope you're resting easy with the Lord.

Always in our hearts..Love you! 
Cybill-Bibi-Ame Darling Ini May 6, 2013
Babe. How are you? :) I'm just smiling and grinning from ear to ear as I type this. Lol. I have no idea why. Trust you're fatter now.
I'm still skinny o. Don't know when my own fatness would show. I miss you sha. Like a zillion times. We all miss you. I miss how you call my name. :)
I love you Ini Asu :* :* 
Udeme Thinking of you! March 7, 2013
You're heavily in my thoughts today..

Mum still cries,she misses you too much but by God's grace, I will do my best to be a daughter to her as well..I pray the Lord comforts her and reassures her that you're safe in His arms.

We miss you! :( 
Betty Ini dear March 6, 2013
Hi sweetie, how is heaven. We still have you daily in our thoughts, we won't forget you.

Though we miss you daily but we know God needed you more at that time.

We love you 
Datimfon E. N. I remember you often February 28, 2013
you have been running across,through mind.I hope you have now found eternal peace with Jesus! sweet sailing, sweet soul..
vivian I thought of you today February 3, 2013
I thought of you today!'ll always be remembered babe. Sleep on!
ebube nwobu happy birthday December 19, 2012
ini baby, happy birthday....our usual dec shout outs on twitter, we still mentioned u jare @nyneeeee....
mehn babes i miss u immensely, we miss u so much in GLS, i dont even know what to say, i dont have anything to say , my heart is in pain..sha sha i didnt see u, na wa o! please a party on behalf of all we dec babies, we hope to see someday .
i love you, we all love you but God loves u more.
Betty Our friend November 4, 2012
Babe, its 4 months now and your memories are still very fresh in my heart. I think about the ways you touched lives and your life thought me a lesson , to always do good to people no matter how difficult.
My friend, i am sure you are with our daddy in heaven, singing and smiling for him, am sure he looks at you and he is proud of his works.
You were a blessing to many and God had a purpose for your life which we are yet to realise but i know you lived a fulfilled one.
I wish every day that each and everyone of us(your friends) will take example of the good life you lived.
Rest in the bossom of the Lord. We miss you
cybill-bibi-ame miss you babe. October 1, 2012
its october 1st. this time last year we were at my house together looking for dress to wear for kunle's pari. i remeber us hurrying  to the tailor place with curlers on our heads just so we could adjust our pari outfits...looool..and people kept staring like what are these girls about?
5 and 6 My partner September 28, 2012
Its over 3 months since you left but its still hard to believe.
Its like you went for a journry and we are still waiting for you to return from your trip.
Am writing this cos its gradually becoming a reality that this actually happened.
Ini, we never had a photo together but we shared good memories together.
When i first met you, i never knew you were going to be this special to me, the house is empty, no one to gossip with.
Ini, you had the heart of  a child, you were like an angel.
God sent you to show people how beautiful life is and how we humans should always learn to appreciate people while they are alive.
Ini, remember when you told me about your school mate who was a sickler and died during service and you said  GOD FORBID and how we talked about young people and the way they died these days and you said , i wonder how mummy will survive if that happened to me.
We laughed about it cos we were certain it will never happen but we also learnt to always keep in touch with friends as anything can happen anytime.
I acalled you foolish girl whenever you sneaked around to get stuffs without being seen.
Ini, you were the most amazing human being God created so unique in different ways.
You told me how mummy said you must do your  masters in one  of the top five schools in the world.
Sweetheart, you should have stayed to make this dream come true.
During the strike, we watched every thing that went on from your room,and  at night, we will make calls and laugh all through the night.
Aunty had to call us cattle and cattle egret cos we always did things together at home.
Am at least happy we spoke that day, i wish you can come back to spend an extra day with us before finally leaving.
You have taught me to make the most out of my life while i am still living.
i love you, we love you and your  memories will always remain fresh in our hearts.
Seun Ini Asuquo's smile June 30, 2012


i dont have memories, theres nothing for me to flash back on, I barely remember you from school. Your face is vaguely familiar, I remember bukky and bibi and tomi and all your other friends but i really cant remember you, i dont know who you were or wht u were like but for some odd reason i remember your smile, Ini i really do remember your smile, not necessarily your face, or any of your other features just your smile. 

Ini you really really smiled I can remember your essence, I can remember a very happy person that had d happiest smile, you smiled like u had everything figured out like u didn’t have a care and nothing scared u. Oh how I covet that smile.

U never smiled directly at me and I feel terrible abt that I wish I cud go back to when we were in school and do something, say something to earn that smile. I wish I was your sister friend and all this sadness and tears would be justified by the fact that we had moments together me, you, and ur smile. I wish u had touched my life cos obviously that was ur thing.

It seems so freaking sad , its so freaking unnecessary, I see all the comments your friends have made and hw strong they are all being but I really don’t get it. What did your smile ever do to anyone, y did u have to stop smiling for us.

But I guess what they say about God is true, he really is a jealous father, he just wanted u all to himself everyday smiling just for him. but Ini amma represent, am going to fake that smile o il fake it till its mine too. am going to smile as hard as I can for u am going to live like u, loving randomly and caring deeply for anyone that lets me.

It hurts me that ur gone.

RIP Ini.

I miss ur smile.

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