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Bimsss 3 years without you...I miss you, we all miss you. June 3, 2015

I dont even know what to say, i feel like writting alot but the words are not coming...I miss you, we all miss you. Alot of things have happened but we know you are with us...its 3years already my dear friend...continue to rest on...xxxxxx 
Edidiong Akpabio Ini Asu June 4, 2014
RIP,God knows best......WE all miss more.....
Bimsss 2years..just like yesterday!! June 2, 2014

Ini Asu,

it's two years you left us already!!! feels like yesterday, i still cry when i remember, i cry when i remember our last moments, i cry when i remember the last things you said to me, i cry when i remember your smile...i am crying as i write this....Ini i miss u sooo much!!!, we all do but we know you are in a better place.

We have not forgotten your parents...was in abuja in feburary and i stayed with mummy for 2days, she was so happy ini!!!.

i really dont know what to write, alot of things have happned since you left... everyone is doing well,im getting married wont be on my train, remember how we used to talk about our weddingsSmile, i know you're with us.

ini i misss uuuuuuuu, i really blank, all i know/think about is how i miss you!!!! 

continue to rest in peace my dear friend....xxxxxx 
Tomisin A year and a day June 4, 2013
And another year begins. I still cry, it is still painful and I still have questions. I miss my Ini.
Betty my friend June 2, 2013
its a year since you left ,your memories are still very fresh in my heart,really miss you
Queen Enidiok I know you are in a greater place May 20, 2013
Iniobong, my childhood friend, my sister....I must say, it took me a long time to be able to write this message because sometimes I was still in denial. You were beautiful (inside and out)  and great person, daughter and friend. Your memories is always on mind and will always remain so, we shared great times together, I remember those days and weekends we spent together when we were both out from boarding school on breaks, we had so much fun!!!  I cannot question God for he knows best, he had a greater plan for you, I want to say farewell and I know your soul is in perfect peace, will continue to have your family in my prayers. Love you always- Queen
Funmi Iniobong January 5, 2013
I don't think i said more than Hi to you at school but now, hardly does a day pass by without having flashes of the last time i saw you at LG and school in my mind. That's why i stopped by, to let you know you are greatly remembered. Rest in peace Iniobong.
Betty MY Angel September 28, 2012
Ini, your memories are still very fresh in my heart.
I wish this never happened, but the last picture of you that i still have in my mind is the big big smile you wore on your face that day.
Every one is broken but we have the assurance that you are right there beside Jesus because you were so harmless and you had the heart of a child.
Your essence of your existence was to put smiles on our faces but we still need more of the smiles to keep us going in life.
You will never be forgotten on this earth because you are  a unique personality that is rare to find.
You have left good memories in the sands of time and it will always be remembered.
Sleep well my baby, i know you are resting in the arms of the Lord.
cybill-bibi-ame INI ASUUUUUUUUUUUU August 24, 2012
hey babe.... hows heaven?? awesome ba?? i know babe. i know.. rock it well. we'll def be with you very soon... miss you loads love... big kiss..
gbola i dont know August 16, 2012
MY bABY i just know you can read what is here, boo am sad more than half the time.....sometimes am so angry with you, at other times am just sad. i just realized how hard it is trying to be happy when  sad.....ini its so hard, so i usually just give up. i dont remember when last i felt full joy, we saw your clothes the other day with all of it had memories attached to it  was hard, i took this ring and it pained me so much cos i knew you would never give me, you loved them...and i wished you were there to not give me the ring, but usuaally when i start to feel all broken again i wear the ring and you know that relief that came with your smile i feel it again. its been up-down-up down since june 3rd....its so hard...its been rough, i really wish we could go back to being happy.....i just miss you....we had plans, i remember all of dem.
i still carry you in my heart. i love you baby.
Ezigbos' mum A warrior June 29, 2012
Ini, ur great soul will be resting in the lord. Unfortunatly i did here the plane crash much later when icalled 2 tlk 2 my daughter. she even told me ionce spoke 2 u when u were @ convenant. I have not stopped crying.U 're @ peace with ur God. Ur friends miss u. Mycondolelence goes 2 ur parents, whom i have also remembered in my prayers. May the good lord console them, 'nd fill the gap in his best way. Rmbr to give him thanks in everything.
Sophia Nkechinyere Ike-Onu MY INI ASUUUU June 20, 2012
People say the friends you make in Uni are your friends forever. From the first day I stepped in the fresher hall of Covenant University, you were there.  We bonded almost instantly.
We went everywhere together, we had each others' back through it all, mischief, chapel Services,sister fights, fun days, My IniAsu was there. I remember when I started calling you INIASU from the song i formed for you and everyone followed suit, lool you hated it at first but that's what we started calling you. My Model,The tallest of the lot. 
We watched eachother grow from girls to women, We made plans, shared dreams. I can never put all that you were in words, it can never be enough to express the uniqueness that was My Ini, you had a mind of your own, fearless and timid at the same time.
The weekend before God took you away, we were together, you told me how you've applied to my uni for masters, the excitement in our hearts as we planned for the future. You are such a wonderful person, I know God has a special plan for you in heaven.
I love you my sisterfriend, now and always. Sleep well.
xxx.Your Soph Soph.

lamideeA Ninii June 18, 2012
INI, U gave strength with ur smile, we will miss that deeply
 i love u baby,wish i told u that more...i pray for strength for mommy
Abarshi Joshua A. Ini as we fondly called u June 17, 2012
Ini as we fondly called you. Tiny but strong. we are all xtending out tributes bcuz o the kind of person u hv lived to b. we are confident that we as children of God will live. rest until we meet again. We miss u trimendiously. we live on 4u INI. 
osiobughe aigbotsua A shinin light is gine June 17, 2012
i dint knw you in person but i knw i used to scope u n ur friends on sundais u ad a sense of style u ad a smile the heals the soul i was sad wen i heard a CU student was a part of it n even more sad wen i saw the picture u ll b missed. i pray God gives ur parents the grace to bear this loss ur mum ll def miss we all luv u but God luves u best. Sleep well dearie
Datimfon E. N. Very Sad, RIP Sweet Soul.. June 16, 2012
Though i hadn't seen you in a while, we were classmate in Primary School, Monef. You were a very lively person, i was shocked to learn about your death after the crash. I'd send my condelences to your parents and stop by to see them as soon as i can. Your presence brought light, A lot of fond memories frrom back then. I strongly believe you are in a better place now.. Rest In Peace Sweet Soul, Your Legacies Live On Iniobong(My mom's namesake).. 

Ms Iniobong Asuquo 
Anu RIP June 15, 2012
i never met u. but all rremember is seeing ur name on folu's pm wen u guys were avn d normal bbm jokes. u are a rAre gem nd wish ur fAmily and friends strength. u av left dis wahala world to be in rest....................... 
ebi-nehita INI...... June 13, 2012
I kept opening dis page buh cud reli neva say nefin cuz it was still so hard to believe dis actuli happened till today after talkin to dayo okunbanjo. We didn't talk much(hello-hi and a few laughs and smiles ere nd der). I still rmber wen I wanted dis indian hair from Grace during convo prep and she was like ini alrdy picked it for herself nd d oda for her mum nd u came in and smiled and am like *aarrrrggghhh*!!! U were such a lovely gurl, smiles were all u let out.....dis is soooo sad buh my joy is dat u in a BETTER place. Words can't xplain how we all feel buh deep down, we MISS u well our star and may the Good Lord grant ur loved ones the grace and strength to bear dis. Amen!!! God knows best.

You live on in our hearts!!! 
dami.A Ini June 12, 2012
I pray that God continues to strengthen and be with your family and friends.
Taiwo Gone too soon June 12, 2012
Thougn i have never met u in my life, but reading thru ur friends comment caused some tears in my eyes, what a pain it is to lost a dear one. It grieved my heart that a young beatiful lady like u can fall a victim of such calamity. I believe God has a reason for every purpose. He knows more than we do. May the Lord console ur parent and ur friends. Good Nite Ini
Chidera Igweze ...And she lives on June 12, 2012
Didn't know you, but you were an eagle just like me and lots of your other friends, meaning you were indeed a star. May God give us, and your wonderful friends and family to bear your irreparable loss. Until we meet again at the Pearly Gates. Take care of us..... RIPP dear.
Bunmi Awonorin Iniobong my only Ak sweetheart June 12, 2012
Words cant heal the silence i mourn and pray that God be with mum and dad.RIP myy darling
Kunle Ademola Rest in Peace, Ini Asuquo. Forever in our Hearts! June 11, 2012
It's raining tonight. I lay on my bed with eyes closed, legs crossed and a firm grip on my bed spread like my life depended on it.
I've cried myself dry but the night she cries for me, she feels my pain.
We are fragile, we humans, very fragile.
Do i deserve to feel such pain? Pain my body embraces for one i refer to as a friend, yet i did not know as much as i should have.
Ini Asuquo... You were such a Jewel. Beautiful in everything you did, an object of exquisite composure and deserving every adulation possible.
My heart goes out to your parents & loved ones... Seeing or talking to your friends make me break down, Folu, Gbola, Ebun, Chuka, Bukky and others.
Death is such a painful thing, it's sad how such a pretty thread was ripped out of the fabric of our lives but the thought of the beautiful life you lived and how God has a plan for everything gives our soul comfort.
You are in a better place now, Ini... We'll live on for you and pray that the sun shall set for us.
We love you with every piece of our heart that twinned knots with yours but God loves you more.
Rest in Peace Iniobong Asuquo... Rest in Peace! Love... Kunle Ademola, C.U class of 2011
Queeneth Odimegwu Following God's word i'll call you a sister June 11, 2012
I may have not knwon you while u lived but we all are joint heirs with christ...Ini like u said "Don't grief for me, for now i'm free" Death is nevitable and yes it hurts to lose the ones we love but as an image of God we all are rejoicing because you have gone to meet our heavenly father......May your Soul rest in Peace!!!!!
Dayo Olajdie We Miss you!!! June 11, 2012
May God comfort your Family
We would always remember you
Fill the heaven with your charming smile
and help us to understand you are with ur creator.....

We Love and Miss you dear. 
Nanette Johnson I love you Ini. June 10, 2012
Ini Asu like u were fondly called,you were my roommate in showers high school for one year. Ini,I miss you so much. One last request my friend,please if it's possible comfort ur mum. She is in deep pain. I truly don't even know what to write again. Rest well till we meet Again.
M.O.Alajiki Iniobong June 10, 2012
Iniobong, I know you are in the bossom of the Lord. I remember our last conversation on Wednesday asking if I was
the only person that calls you by your full name in ExxonMobil. You smiled and said "maybe". R.I.P Iniobong, i will really
miss you.
Uhunoma Sleep well June 10, 2012
When I heard about the crash I was really hoping I would not know anyone on the plane but as it turned out one of our very own was on it.

I had a sleepless night wishing you were not on that flight but woke up to what was happeneing around me, you were really on that flight.

I knew you because of my sister and Bukky bankole, never really said anything to you but I will never forget how your face always radiated whenever you smiled. 

I learnt to stop asking so many "whys" but just to continually trust in Him who understands all. We all lend on Him for comfort.

Isaiah 41:13
For I am the lord, your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Ini I really do hope that was experience in that plane. 

Goodbyes are never really said without some measure of sadness but we do hope to see some day in His glory.

Sleep well our beloved Ini. The memory of your smile will stay alive within me.

Eyidola You r surely in a better place.RIP June 10, 2012
I really didn't know you personally buh I had seen u a lot of times in CU and for dt singular reason I feel vry hurt about your demise..I'm sure u are in a better place. My prayer is that The good Lord would grant u eternal rest and give your family the fortitude to bear the loss. RIP
Bisiriyu Adewunmi R.I.P June 10, 2012
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace INI. 
Adedire Toyin A beautiful soul June 10, 2012
I  did nt knw u personally bur  came across u wit u nd friends bac in CU,I am deeply sad nd touched by everytin ur friends av written abt u on dis site u were a jewel 2 dem. Rst in peace miss Ini. And may God comfort ur family nd friends in dis trailing times.
Audrey isiah 57: 1-2 June 10, 2012
cldnt stop thinking bout u in church 2day and this is the msg hve got fr you n everyone

We wait for troubled waters to finally be stilled
We wait for dreams and wishes to finally be filled
We wait for some tomorrow when we shall finally be
All together, All is better, all in eternity

We had some fun and good times, with laughter as we'd fall
We had some small and big plans, our life was very full
We had our precious moments and memories so warm
Life together is life better, life in eternity

Side by side we laboured, shouldered all we could bear
Side by side we wrestled, rested only in our prayers
Side by side encouraging each other as we'd go
Worked together,walked together, towards eternity

We will miss your lifting smile that brightened up our day,
We will miss your calm self that kept us from going astray
We will miss your warm embrace, the joy you raised in us
Love together, love is better, love in eternity

Until we go to meet you on that eternal shore
Until we lay our burdens and our labours are no more
Until we greet you once again, our hearts will ache for you
All together, all is better, all in eternity

We love you somuch.... 
Aisha SK RIP June 10, 2012
May your gentle soul rest in peace,amen
wole jeje tears roll deep June 10, 2012
In deep grief I join all youths of nigeria to say goodbye Ini.  rest in the lord's bossom
Ndatse Sleep in His bossom June 9, 2012
We were never friends or anything but the number of mutual people we know, the shockwave and sadness of the tragedy that occured and took too many life's is like a tatoo on our memories. So glad ur in a place where your intimacy can b wiv d Creator n Knower of all things. RIP warm n radiant 1
Olushoga Taiwo God Knows June 9, 2012
Ini as i write am in tears and am not even ur frnd, knew u frm a distance(gbolas gist n pics)u such a pretty girl wit a big smile n frm all hve heard a big HEART...your death has made me. Visualise life in a different way....I keep givn excuses y I shuldnt do sum tins but now i will stop,I will live everyday like its my last, will laugh, love God n pple n b happy.Ini ur frnds n family miss u, Gbola is weak....This is hard but God Knows.
Sleep welll my friends friend...
P.s say hello to Jesus 4 me. 
ebube strength June 9, 2012
im so glad i walked with you, talked with you and loved you here on earth, may God strengthen all of us you have left behind and give us all the fortitude to bare this loss darling, thanks for loving us so hard... we lost a friend and sister but heaven got an angel . Isaiah 57: 1-2 ... i love you always ,your lil pumpkin
tobinumz Sleep Well June 9, 2012
I never knew you on a personal level but always admired ur dress sense, like there wasnt ever a time u werent on point. I still remember seeing u on ur convocation night and i was like "this girl is just a dresser". its soo sad that uve left this world, but there is comfort in knowing ur in a much better place. May God grant ur family and friends the strength to bear ur loss. God knows best and we cant question Him. Sleep Well dear. 
Imeobong Adieu June 9, 2012
May the Lord console the dear ones u have left behind. You have left so suddenly without a good bye to those who cared, but we know one day we shall all meet with you where is no pain or tears, where no plane crash can ever separate us. Adieu Ini.
pearl green the lady with the wonderful smile June 9, 2012
I remember ur smile the most. although we didn't see each other for a long time after I left, when I finally saw you this year...I thought 2 myself wow! Ini has grown into a dashing young lady. God knows why dis hapund, all I can say is the world has lost a rare gem, we'll miss u, ur smile, ur bubbly attitude, ur style and fashion. sleep on sweety we love u.
Damilola So sad June 9, 2012
okay i just knew there was that quiet corper that was serving in GREF dept, then the plane crash news came and i heard u were on it, Surprised, so sad....really so sad....but i know your in a better we all wish we could turn back the hands of time, God knows best....RIP Ini
'Pemi To The Grieving June 9, 2012
"May friends comfort you,
Faith uphold you,
Loving memories heal your heart,
-With heartfelt sympathy."
tolu samaiye INI darling June 9, 2012
Pray the Lord strenghtens your family and friends to bear the loss. i saw your mum today and she said *this is unbelieveable*.... yes it is ini becos nobody imagined these past days...we love u baby, forever in our hearts.
kehinde Olushoga A Friends Friend June 9, 2012
Ini Asuquo... now I wish I said 'hello, am Gbolas frnd, have heard so much abt u' @ AY Live, but u had a straight face on and it was understandable becos we were all stressed out.I  was suppose to meet u @ her party again bt coudn't make it. Gbola kept sayn we wd meet, but I guess dt wud be in Heaven.
I  remember wen Gbola(we called ourselves sisters, one of my oldest frnds of 11yrs) stopped payn attention to us cos of y'all ws upset buh guess dts life and after readn all of dis comments abt u, cnt blame her much.
I  wasn't opportuned 2 meet u buh it hit me hard hearn d news, seein a big smiled gurl gone(ur pictures), seein Gbola sad... it is reli sad... bt, God kws.
 Rest in peace my friends friend, may God comfort evry1 u left behind. will meet u in heaven and promise to hug u immediately Gbola introduce us.
Mayowa Oyebanji You are too young to die... June 9, 2012
The shockwaves from this tragedy was felt all over the world.Life is eternal, and love is immortal
And death is only a boundary line, And a boundary line is nothing, just the limit of our sight.

My deepest sympathy,you will never be forgotten.
QueenBee Why? Ini.. Your Memory lives on... June 9, 2012
Why? We can't question God..  You died too soon, with no notice nothing.. so unexpected.

You were so full of life. You would ping me and say Queenbee ur own is too much, always forming busy.. 

In the journey of life, I am glad we met and I am glad that we all have loving beautiful memories of you..

Sleep on beautiful darling.. My heartfelt condolences to your parents, I pray God gives them the strength to bear this loss..

Continue to sleep in the arms of the Lord..

Till we meet again, I have fond memories of you that I would forever cherish.. 
Bennie Sleep well birthday mate June 9, 2012
I never knew you or met you
But we have mutual friends and shared the same birthday
Rest in prace dear and sing with the angels  
busola sosanya The way you smiled..... June 9, 2012
You could feel the warmth and sincererity of her personality,even from her smile
ecause that was all I got from you,in the halls,in cafe when I was saying hello to
You and your friend.It just pulled you in and made you think"wow all this for me"
Everyone has beautiful things to say about you,truly you were beautiful in and out.
May God grant your friends and family the grace to live the rest of their lives without you
Rest in the bossom of the Lord darling.....
Fisayo you were truly a beacon June 9, 2012
I heard about the plane crash and I started praying that I won't know any1 on dat flight and l8r that nite,I found out dat wasn't meant to be. The 1st thing I remembaed was Cybil shouting Ini Asu. I dint know you very much but the relationship you had with people I know was amazing and I believe you were truly an amazing person. You were truly a beacon dear, I just wish ur light dint have to go out like this. So rest in the Lord dear. You are loved and well missed. I pray God helps your family and friends thru all of these IJN......Amen.  
francisca O I never knew u June 9, 2012
I never knew u or meet u 
I never saw u or heard ur name
I never can tell what u look like
But ican see the laughter in ur eyes
Ican  see the joy in ur smile
Ican see the depth of the love u shared with ur friends from this page

Sleep well Ini 
 ur friends miss u
Ur family loves u

Take heart friends and family
Good night ini

Francisca Ogunlade(got the link on motunrayo Ojo's page) 
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