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bukola ini Asu why? June 27, 2012
ini, you used to say each time, "bukky i can never do this to you" just after you do "evil". :( I wish you could come back and say that right now.
 i remember the day you were mean to me, and I refused to tAlk to you,you would come to my room just to do"yimu" and spite me. I wish you could do that right now.
Ini those times you'd intentionally keep to yourself and avoid everyone, and we will be missing you,till u eventually come around.I wish you could do that right now. 
Ini I remember that day in london, when we went shopping the whole day and had loads of fun. You teased about me being orobo and we laughed so hard when I missed the bus while trying to get a burger. I wish we could do that Right now.
 ini remember us stripping just to eat food we buy from cafe after class, you'd say it makes the food sweeter and how you used to "caress" pounded yam on your palm.I wish you could do that right now.
 Ini we've all been engrossed in planning a service for you tomorrow, but deep inside I've been scared, cuz it means we really have to say bye bye.
Bye to our ini, ini of tuesday evening, relaxing her hair in a salon. Ini i blew you a kiss before I crossed that road and said bye baby.was that really our last goodbye?
Ini we talked on friday, and we were chatting was dat really the last thing you were going to say to me.
Ini, why? 
Omote Ukueku Miss you June 20, 2012
Ini Asuquo!!! Ini Asuquo!!!!....
I am stil crying..I am nt strong...I don't knw hw to is hard...too freaking hard.
My Friend...I miss you. I miss you sooooooo very much
Initially I felt she is stil in Ini where r u nwwww....haba!!!! June 20th..n I stil feel dis much pain...I miss you ini..I really do
Everything around me..reminds me of you.This Staff is too hard for me...Ini it is hard..I remember when u used to send me 2 keep seat for u beside me..n I ll lie dt I am working late so I ll nt b d one 2 keep d seat
I remember hw we always sit beside each oda n gist till we get 2 magodo...n when we fight for AC..loool...I was wicked shaa
I remember when we used to gossip jenni...lmao!! Fun times
I really miss you tho..u were d highlight of my stay in magodo
Even yemi(my bestfriend) says u r always talkn about Ini
Ini this,ini that hurts cos u really didn't knw hw much I was fond of u...
We even planned to go to dubai..hahahaha...hw???? Ini my friend of life..loooool
I remember hw we go for lunch 2geda at work..n laugh n laugh...
Nw when I go for lunch..every1 is starring at me
Even patrick in d saloon..felt it..u knw hw we go 2 d saloon togeda n u copy my styless cos I am d boss;) ..I miss those daysss
Then we go to church 2geda..n d days I don't go..u ll call me a devil
Hw I used 2 come 2 ur aunties house n crassshhh on d chair while u r talkn
Ini thoooo
Those timess
I remember hw u said u ll take me 2 d dermatologist for my face, n my face ll be smooth..I went 2 tel jenni u want 2 take me 2 d 'native doctor'
Memories!!! Memories!!!!
I cldnt sleep in my house that first day..I was scared bt had no choice
My Curtains!!!! The curtains u helped me pick
Gosh...I remember d day u follwd me 2 d saloon n stil follwed me 2 jibowu..den follwed me 2 yaba...jst helping me.
Myron even sed Ini is niceeee
My darling!!! So I ll nt see u again shaaa
Na lie ryt?
When did I see u last?? Tues..:) n u travelled wed...
Even d shop where we get weavon from, where u gt ur weavon from on tues before u went 2 abj..the girls there were shocked is empty without u
We had plans..u were 2 come stay wif me
Where r u nwwwwwwwwwww
We planned 2 make afam soup when u get back from Abuja
Memories!!!! Memoriesssss
Our gossip times at work
N they r makin it hard for me at work
They actually made me put ur pics everywhere
Shina did d poster for you baby
They told me to remove ur name from d payroll..u were jst before me..Ini I am brokennnnnnn
Imagine having to remove ur nameee
Then ur file..I had 2 take out all ur documentssss
Ini at some point..I felt I ll go crazy
I was on d floor at work..seun had 2 come carry me
Hw we go for clearance 2geda
I am tireeddddd
I miss you but God knows why..I can't question him,I can't 
I saw mum...I saw mum
She misses you sooo much ini.
I knwww I have to be strong for her + I have to always check on her n be there for her
She misses you soo much Ini
Bt it is fine
We are here for her
She is scared but I promise you I ll always check on her
She isn't aloneee
She has us,more daughterrsss..:) 
I remember the sunday I ran 2 ur house to check if u were back..n Gbola was on d line waiting to here that u were home........Anyways..I will rest before I run mad cos I stil don't understand but I trust God
I knw his way are nt our ways
N his thoughts are of good
So I trust him n believe him
I knw you are with HIM!! You are resting
God saw something we couldn't see and took you from this wicked world
I love you my friend Ini sooooo much, bt God loves you more
May your soul rest in peace.
I ll neva forget you.
I ll hold onto the memories I have
I knwww I ll get 2 a stage where I ll think about you n smile
U always call me COW!!! Hahahhaha
I love you boooossskiiiiii
I know I will see you againnnnnn but for nw
I miss you and love you my friend.

Cybill-Bibi-Ame Ini Asu :) June 17, 2012
Two weeks after but it feels like the same day. The moment the news in that DM changed my life and the lives of so many others...
Should have written this since but I just couldn't bring myself to...
But today, I remembered you Ini. Not that I don't remember you on every other day.....but there was just something about today's memories that made me realise that even if you aint here with us no more, you would always live in hearts. Always..
Remember when you would tell me to give up on trying to shake my butt that there's nothing there, well today I went for a party and I shook it. And it shook! Well!! Two dudes said so anyway. So yes dear. I'm getting there. Its growing. :D 
And then remember my silly Lynxxx crush?? Yes those days when I would want to die just so that he could RT my tweets..and then you would laugh at me silly and tell me to give up and stop jonzing. Yea. I've given up now. Some sharp yoruba babe has locked him down. No more drooling for me. :( 
I miss you Ini.
I miss you bad.
But you know what....I'll be happy...cos I have a whole lot more memories to hold on to. :) 
So enjoy my darling. Enjoy this perfect blissful rest in Lord. Enjoy all the attention he's giving to you...Cos in the end, when we are all done with our work here on earth, we are coming over!! And it won't be all about you. :D
But then again, its Baba God. Our heavenly Father. There would definitely be more than enough heavenly loving and attention to go round :)
Sleep well Ini Asu. 
I love you. :* :*
John Bassey Mum's Pride June 16, 2012
I remember you as that little angel back in MONEF so small and cute........................ What a fine young pretty lady you turned out to be.. A vibrant fun loving young lady. If only tears could bring you back your mum"s tears would. If only we could reach back into time and pull you outta that plane. There has been lots of 'if onlys' since you left this earth. Dad was planning on sending you to Uk for your masters. And was eagerly waiting for you to round up your service year. Now everything is just numb.................. Why Ini Why! I get tempted to hit back at God for letting you on that plane. But We rest in the consolation that there's a better place after here. We miss you baby girl.................. Your memories will forever remain glued to our hearts. Rest on Mummy's pride
Temitope Faloye My 'Skiny one' lives June 14, 2012
just goin thru this website alone has got tears streamn dwn my eyes......i remeba d 1st time i met u, random beach party but there wz nuffn random abt you..u were so full of life, i remeba how i told bal dt i just had 2 talk 2u...... Ini u will be greatly missed... a part of me still doesnt beliv ur gone...i'm so shitty with gud byes especially not dis type... i still remeba my last conversation wiff u...Ur 4eva in my heart Ini obong, Christ loves u more nd i knw ur wiff him ryt more pain hustle again.....ur free of earth and its struggles.....words cant describe the impact of ur loss on us but our solace rests on the fact that your wiff father Abraham and the rest of the other Angels in Heaven lookn dwn on us.... 
Bless ur spirit Iniobong 
Tomisin Footprints June 13, 2012
I don't remember how I met Ini but I remember the point where we became sister friends. 2010, IT. Ini and I were basically inseperable. The other day my colleague from work met Moji and asked "Is she the new Ini?" and we laughed. I was always at yours or you at mine then. I remember we used to watch the afternoon world cup matches together during our extended lunch breaks. Ini would say Tomisin there is this money i dont want to spend, I want to save it for when i travel in the summer and she would keep it in my account. So trusting that i wouldn't spend her money. 
My memories are so fuzzy around the edges. I think hurting and reality of death does that to one.
Isn't it funny how everytime I pull up a visual of you in my head, you are clad in underwear and romance curls (lol is that even appopriate?).
I remember that Olay cream that you liked but you were convinced it was making you darker so you'd use all fair and white products to counter the "darkening effect" of the cream.
I remember how were the last ones to get on the blackberry freight and how Kelechi delighted in teasing us all the time and trying to make us feel bad. Guess what? My bb is spoilt and I have returned to good old nokia we used to use and Kelechi has dusted off his jokes from 2010 and started making fun of me again.
I remember how much you adore Mfonobong. You would do everything for that little boy and he knows it.
I remember how mad you used to get about always having to cook when you got back home from work. I was going to ask you for white soup recipe. I just kept putting it off. 
I remember how you would say Calabar men are over indulged by their women so you'll definitely marry yoruba.
I remember how every yoruba last name used to sound funny coming from your mouth. Thanks to you i still say FalaNA (emphasis on the NA) till this day. 
I remember how I would tell you to stop bullying Yinka and you'd say abeg abeg abeg.
I remember your fave line was "you are a fish"I remember how you'd always come into Foluwa's room and ask what we were always doing by ourselves.
That picture of you and Chuka "loloxing" (I see he put it on here) I remember Foluwa, Gbola and I doing major amebo over it and asking each other what was really going on. Before they went off to ask you and I asked Chuka (yes your friends are collective can't mind our own business like that).
Me to Gbola and Ini: How's that climbing the lagos social ladder coming along? Gbola and Ini: not only are we no longer climbing, we can't find the ladder anymore"
I remember how you'd always tease me that i should better go and find myself a man and stop chairing the singles squad.
I remember how Mojisola and I were so convinced you were going to come and join us in Kubwa. Never! With your resilient spirit, you got that posting to Lagos. I eternally respect that in you.
Ini you were so hard working. My goodness! 
I remember year 5 we became the old ladies and how the highlight of our week used to be sundays when Biodun will bring us KFC and Pizza. I even remember that day that Bukky said she would tell him to stop bringing pizza. You said how could she be so selfish because she doesn't want to eat the pizza does that mean he shouldn't bring for us? and Bukky replied "is it not me he's coming to see" and was it you or Gbola now that said "ehen is it not our friend he is coming to see?"
I remember you always doing your laundry at odd hours and being the DJ with that your compaq. We'd all end up in the corridor dancing and talking. Those memories still warm my heart.
In year 4, you'd always play that Omawumi's in the music song. My darling, I am now learning that music truly heals.
Ini, you loved life. 
Ini, you lived.
Ini, I know you are in heaven now and it makes us all the more determined to make it there so we can see you again.
Your work on earth is done, but I'm thankful for the time you had to share with us all.  And I am most thankful that in those final moments, even though none of us could be there or hear you, God did, he held your hand, took the pain away and guided you home tearing our hearts to let us know, he's conquered the grave, death doesn't win and he only takes the best.

p.s come sit with me awhile from time to time. I miss you enough to not be freaked out. And Gbola and I were talking about what you'd be most pissed off about. We are sorry and we love you. 
I dont know you but i saw you picture in the Gardian Newspapar, I felt bad  more because you were  still saving your mother land before this incident happened. From your Pictures you are young and vibrant ... You have given life you best and left many with beautiful memories.
 May you rest in the bossom of the Lord and May God give mommy the futitude to bear the loss IJN AMEN
Ajibola Nwuko
dami.A Ini June 12, 2012

           You were one of the first friends I made in college; we went everywhere together then. A lot of events took place in college which made me realize how wonderful my friends were as a WHOLE.
            In 200 level we were roommates; we would cook together, you would arrange my wardrobe,lol. Whenever my parents came we would both go out like sisters. Omg! Hospitality dinner, you made me up so well that a certain someone couldn’t get their eyes off of me Wink. In 400 level, alpha semester I would come to your room always to nag and bug you and you would make me feel better. Whenever I had cramps, you would make me noodles and bring it all the way downstairs. So many memories!!!! But one thing stood out; how we had each others backs! We fought all the time that it became a joke; It is still funny how we all clicked at first sight.
            That sad day, I couldn’t hold myself from crying; it hurt so bad especially when pemi said "shes gone dami". I got down on my knees and asked God to give you the miracle I had been waiting for. I loved you that much and I still love you.
I have realized that God knows best and everything happens for a reason. The fact that you are side by side with HIM makes me so happy.
Rest In Peace Ini.

Bunmi INIOBONG LIVES June 12, 2012

Writin dis is d hardest tin iv ever done in ma life,iv neva felt dis way in ma entire life. it stil feels like a dream n i need sme1 2 wake me up n tel me its reli a dream. Iv known u since 100l tru gbola but we were not close,as faith wld av it we met @
lagos camp,myself,ini,gbola,mobola.bisola,dami,sylvia and we invented a sisterhood club(lol). I rem dos dayz how we used 2 go huntin 4 food @mami market,we al had fun 2geda,ini and i practically shared d same bed after bisola gt anoda bedspace.hw can i ever 4get a day mobola, gbola n bisola had left d room 2 interact with other pple n it ws jst myself n ini dt ws left bhind we had a chance 2 knw ourselves better,we spoke abt so many tins n i found out d true Iniobong Asuquo...u r very kind,a young lady with a good heart n im so grateful 2 God 4 givin me d opportunity  2 get close 2u while u were alive.

Even after camp,d sisterhood club continued,we al stil kept in touch checkin up on eachother,i rem u pingin me on fri evenins 2 find out if ild b goin out n ill b like "ini u like 2 parry" n it became a routine i xpect ur pings fri nite.Mobola had her birthday party n we al attended,tuk pics n it ws like a reunion after camp...3weeks b4 u left planet earth u,mobola n gbola came 2 my house after attendin a weddin @ abeokuta n u decided 2 stay 4 d weekend...ini i rem dt nite u said u were hungry n i was like "wil u drink garri" n u replied "better take care of me cos u dnt knw wen nxt ill b comin 2 ur house again 4 d weekend"not knwin dt wld b d last time.2weeks b4 u departed ws d lst time i saw u,u invited me 4 a weddin n i tld tolu abt it...i met ur mum and ur beautiful aunti Pat @d weddin,dey were so nice n i realised u got ur caring attitude frm ur mum.Its reli sad dt ur gone but u live in ma heart...i pingd u 1st of june 2 come stay 4d weekend n u tld me u were in abuja n i rem tellin u 2 buy me kilishi wen comin bk 2lagos,i stil called u sat nite 2 confirm if u bot my kilishi n u said yes..i was xpectin u in lagos d following day...if only u didnt go 2 abuja,if only u didnt board dt flight,if only ur Cd ws on monday,if only u didnt serve in lagos state but God knws best,he gave u 2 us al n called u bk 2 rest.He knws al things n He is unquestionable.Iniobong Asuquo u will forever remain dear 2me...U LIVE...


Foluwa ...My Friend; My Sister... June 12, 2012

It is more than a week today, and I can't still believe you’re gone, like you’re not coming back ever. I see mom and she's so broken, I am helpless, how do I comfort her? What do I do or say?


Hmmmmm!... I close my eyes and I can see you, you are here but in my head. I can describe you from head to toe, my friend, and my sister Iniobong Asuquo. I remember all the good times, how you lived and how we lived life together. You are the only child, but you had many sisters. So many memories Ini, I remember them all, you do too.


People say ‘it would be fine’ but it wouldn’t!


You’re not on this earth anymore,
You can’t take pictures and bend 360 degrees anymore,
Your can’t smile those Red lips anymore,
You’re not here to ginger us anymore, would it ever be the same without you?


Hmmmmm!... But I have to be strong for mommy, she's afraid.


After all is said and done we'll just leave her alone, but you-self you know that’s not possible, the same way we choked you with so much love is the same way we'll choke her with our love. God has now given her more daughters- She’s a true mother of all nations, she lost you, but she has US.


Memories of you will never be forgotten, I love you, but God loves you more. I am not going to grieve like I don’t have any hope and I am not going to limit God; He is limitless, and I know that there's light at the end of the tunnel...

YewandeG I hope you knew June 11, 2012
I hope you knew while you were much you were loved.
I hope you know, now you're much you're missed.
 Each time I open this page, what brings tears to my eyes is how much you touched the lives of all the people that were close to you and how wonderful all memories of you seem to be.
The few scenes that pop in my head when I think of sister's birthday in 09, when four of you came to our house from birthday in my 500level when you guys were tryn to help me get something to wear...bring smiles to my face cos I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet you.
Ini the fashionista...the first time I saw all your you were really so pretty. I told my sister you should be a model...cos its true.

I cried for you because I hoped it wasnt true...
I cried for you because I felt it was so sudden and soon...
But I know you're in a better place...
As much as we love you...God loves you more...
I pray your mum has the strength to hold on...

As hard as it is to do...farewell dear Ini...sleep well
Till we meet to part no more... 
Dayo Honor To The Fallen... June 11, 2012
I have been on the site since 7:45am and i reading all of these just make me cry the more..... Am made to believe you had finish your mission on earth and God needed you, thats wat am made to believe. I really can't question God right now for taking you away so early but He knows best. Am glad you had a lovely time on earth and you had the best of the best friends around you.
I vividly remember the day you asked me to join you after school vacated during the Alpha Semester break with Lamide Adisa to Ajao Estate. We Jisted a little all the way through the journey and you never allowed me to pay a dine for the cab fare and i was like "Thank you so much Ini." 
I so bet everyone is gonna miss you especially the great Family and friends you left behind. Am sure if God gave most of us a wish right now, everyone would wish you come back back to us. Your charming smile and kindly gesture would never be forgotten.
May God comfort your Loving Family and the friends you left behind. May God grant us all the grace to live our lives to the honor of the fallen.

Enjoy the street of Golden my dear......I hear God saying....WELLDONE!!!
Nanette Johnson Ini Asu my dear,I miss u immensely. June 11, 2012
We became room mates in showers and then became friends. After we all left showers in 2007 the next time I saw u was in 2009 when u came to visit me in my hostel. Aisha gave us money to go and see a movie,we practically gisted all tru the movie and then u took that cab for 5k back to cu the next day. I rem how we both yabbed that cab man for cheating u. We always kept in touch,i use to call u my tourist cos u travel like one,usa,uk,italy etc all in one hols. I rem d day u got ur posting n u wanted to change it,u called me sharply. I rem d whole process cos u kept on updating me.few days to the end of ur Nysc camp, you stayed at mine and we went house hunting for you cos u tot ur dad will let you stay on ur own. My hostel manager(madam promise) and all d any works cried when I told them that you were in that plane. My goodness,I miss you more everyday.. You will tell me to make sure I work Nysc to Mobil,u told me bou ur friend that works in chevron and how u wanted chevron tho. I will alwys tease u bou guys and u will send doz voice notes and I will reply u with d small akwaibom I learnt from u gals in showers. Then Wednesday before that crash on Sunday u were hailing me on how am having fun nd how u can't travel dz summer cos of work, I planned a strategy on how to go about it and u were so happy and told me u will work on it and then u called me a crook. You asked me to get a gift for u, I teased u and got it cos if it's u, u will get double for me. D last I Saw on ur bbm status was that u went home. Too many things to write but only if that will bring you back to ur hurting friends and broken mum and dad. I rem ur white phone n wat popc did to it, I rem how u moved to ur aunts house at omole.... We had so many gist. Shopaholic Ini,hard to believe. Oh well! I pray and know God has accepted ur soul. I will always pray for ur soul and your mum especially. Blessed memory

Feyikemi The Roommate that became a friend... June 11, 2012
Iniobong my darling,

I saw the pictures on twitter and as naturally as it always comes for me, I said "God, please be with the people in there" and I kept on following the news normally, not knowing I had been personally hit. Not long afterwards, I saw "Iniobong Asuquo, RIP. So sad" on twitter and at that moment, I think I lost all the blood in my body with the way I screamed. After asking around, Mobola confirmed it and I felt dead. Sat in a corner of the sitting room, praying to God that you either missed your flight or you survived. CNN finally confirmed nobody survived and then the tears came.

Ini, you were the first roommate I knew in CU. I remember my mum and your mum talking that first day in D105; it always amazed me that my mum remembered you so well, she still asked after you when we started NYSC. You were one of the kindest souls I have ever known. Full of smiles, without baggage, very unassuming. We went from being roommates to being friends and even though we didn't talk so much after 100 level, you remained my friend. 

I learnt elegance from you Ini, you had this gracefulness about you that was so hard to miss. Your tall, dark and beautiful self with that painful, yet hilarious squeaky voice. You had shoes for Africa, you were only lucky I wasn't a fan of heels, I would have faped a few. I remember that nice matric cloth you wore and how yourself and Tayo were helping me look for a pair of shoes to wear that day cos I forgot all my shoes at home. That compaq laptop you had that we used to play Chinwe Ike's songs on and that Nollywood All Stars video that you had; there was a friday night we joined the two bunks 2geda, sat down on my bed and your bed, just cos the 4 of us wanted to watch Nigerian movies overnight. It was fun! I remember how you and Tayo could yab yourselves till forever and you'd cluck your tongue in this really nice way and we'd all laugh. I think I learnt that tongue-clucking from you. I still do it today.

You had provisions for Africa. If we were hungry, we'd take our bowls straight to your wardrobe and find milk for free and one cereal or the other. Someone came to sell stuff in the room one day, you wanted what I wanted; we dragged it out that day, you pinched me, and you won. Your jewelry box always amazed me and it was easily accesible anyway, since your wardrobe screamed OCD- always well arranged. I remember the day we debated over Purple and Silver or Purple and Gold; you had this purple and silver bag that I really liked. 

The day the hall attendants came to look for you in the room bcus you had not signed roll call, we didn't even know what to say because you had gone to Ife's room on B wing then; that was always the next place to look for you. You could sleep ehn, it was annoying. You'd wake up late and still be looking for where to boil water to take your bath. Sunday afternoon, you'd scope Tayo to make noodles and I usually tagged along with you guys, the only problem came when we had to wash all the indomie equpiment. I could sit in your wardrobe; it was that well arranged.

When my dad passed on during the break and we resumed 200 level, you came to my room to greet me and that day, I wanted to tell you how much I was grateful, I wish I had. You had a way of expressing anger, it was rare, but I loved it. Calabar festival in '06, I used to tease you that you were definitely one of the dancers cos of how excited you were; you threatened to deal with us if we didn't call you on your birthday and I just shook my head.

I remeber how you were never able to pronounce my name and Yewande's well until after some time; it was enjoyable though. This Calabar dude in Paul hall that used to disturb you back then (Innocent or something), you'd come back and gist us and we'd all laugh so hard. We had an enjoyable time. I knew Moji and her famous towel through you cos you'd shout her name from the window. My last memory of you was 500 level 2nd semester; I came for your blazer for project defense and you gave it to me. Even though I didn't wear it, I still kept it for a week. I saw you last during cds and I just said hello to you that day, not knowing it was the last time.

You were funny, you were sweet, generous to a fault and you had a large heart. Wish I told you all of these in person.
I know you're in a better place. I imagine you right now sitting with the angels in a beautiful purple and white dress, looking hawt with a beautiful crown; rolling your eyes at anybody who dared to disturb your beauty sleep. 

I love you baby. Wish I told you that and your memory will remain in the sands of time forever. I hope God gave you that window I asked him to give to you on Wednesday to see how much love was on earth for you. 

We can only imagine what it will be like standing in God's presence, but you don't have to anymore, you're there now; that's the advantage you have over us. Jesus called you home because He loves you more than we do and we take solace in that fact. Sleep on baby; till we meet on resurrection morning.

P.S: please give Jesus a kiss for me :)

'Feyikemi Olabiyi. 
bukola my skINI June 10, 2012

A thorn in the flesh
A poisonous snake bite
A great fall from high above
A nasty slap on the face
Can never, ever compare to death's sting.
Ini, I'm hurting!
My friend, my sister, our Missing piece.
Since u left us, its been a mysterious puzzle, an unending maze, day after day.
Reality keeps hitting me,its punch is overwhelming.
No pain Can compare to death's sting!
It will come.
It keeps trying to creep back into my heart.
Where it once was bountiful, We were a happy bunch.
But I'm scared ini, how can I let it?
Bubbly nature, cheerful,composed, we could be silent for hours.I used to come to your room to be silent, then we'd dance to wrap up the day. Gbola and folu were the talkers and moji was the good listner, ini and I would just giggle and laugh all day,except when I'm in the mood to argue, or she's in the mood to annoy gbola. perfect 5 and kelechi.. me at the front, moji in the middle, folu,ini,gbola and kelechi @ the back of class, gossiping . dat smile...our perfect picture moments, Our dance moves, picking what to wear on sunday,remember the fastest to make up game we played, we were always late for morning classes, and then trying to get to CST in 1 minute...we'd end up giggling all the way,"abeg abeg I can't kill myself "u'd say, and I'd say ini let's slow down, then u'd lovingly call me orobo!. Studying for exams, ini would come to my room,peep through the window and exclaim, Ewo! Bukky is reading o!what are you reading? I'm finished!hmmmm, she'd run back to her room and continue. Like that would help. My baby! Remember Project times with Dr Oni? How oloyode would screech"You will not graduate"and we'd do our synchronised *yimu* and you'd say "na so". Smart, intelligent, vibrant, yet calm! And we had one thing in common, always crept back into our shells until someone snaps us out of it, we were annoyingly laid back, but we were hard working,the whole bunch: washing on saturday morning,going to library,window shopping  ini you were sooooo Tidy! remember how we used to argue on whose writing was better? Ini *deep sigh* I wish I didn't have to miss you, i've been wishing a lot lately.
Thinking too, maybe its wishful thinking, or just deep thoughts of how we were and how we can't be anymore.
This has to be long, I wish I could go on and on. The way I repeat myself over and over when I'm trying to make a point. well, I'm trying to make one and I hope you get it...ini won't even roll her eyes when I'm blabbing, she'd just smile and say "Bukky I understand"then I'd smile back and say "u sha get". My baby, its funny how I remember how I met everyone but you, maybe cuz we just clicked from the very beginning. My 100 level Ini, with her long colourful gypsy skirts , we were inseparable,you Ife and I then dami, then moji and bisola, then sophia, yeni, pemi and douye, bimbo, folu, ope,ebun,gbola,eky,simi pam, kelechi, lamide, seuN ikotuN (emphasis on the n) bibi and everyone we know today, we kept acquiring more friends, we were greedy .lol. But we stuck close, closer than sisters. What I've learnt from you ini, is that though I'm accommodating, I suck at keeping in touch, something you managed to do so easily! Ini has been to everyone's house! Home and abroad. She'd never ever let go! Never! That's why I know it must have been hard for you to do that all at once. I'd never let go too baby, U'd always be in my heart, close, closer than ever! Cuz that's all I can hold on to, these memories, the last 6 years of bukky, ini and everyone that we met in the course of your lifetime. Your family! ini  say a prayer for them, for me, for us! We miss you so. While I'm lucky to still have life, I'd be a better person, I'd be a better friend, a better sister, a better child and a better daughter to our Almighty father,who I'm sure is holding you close, closer than we all could ever have, and that's all you ever wanted, closure!.I give him thanks,Lord I'm grateful for the life she lived, Giver of life, the beginning and the end, Kabi o osi, "Kabieyesi!!! "Has a whole new meaning, The Unquestionable God! Sigh! On this note I rest my Case, let go and let God.

Uhunoma Sleep well June 10, 2012
When I heard about the crash I was really hoping I would not know anyone on the plane but as it turned out one of our very own was on it.

I had a sleepless night wishing you were not on that flight but woke up to what was happeneing around me, you were really on that flight.

I knew you because of my sister and Bukky bankole, never really said anything to you but I will never forget how your face always radiated whenever you smiled. 

I learnt to stop asking so many "whys" but just to continually trust in Him who understands all. We all lend on Him for comfort. 

Isaiah 41:13
For I am the lord, your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Ini I really do hope that was experience in that plane. 

Goodbyes are never really said without some measure of sadness but we do hope to see some day in His glory.

Sleep well our beloved Ini. The memory of your smile will stay alive within me.
Mrs Adeola Adesiyan My angel... June 10, 2012
My dear ini! I dint reli knw u too well bt u r my lil sis frnd n u honoured me by being part of my wedding train just on may 12. it was s painful when I confirmed the news frm Bisola. it hurts so deeply knowing the kind of pretty, vry quiet, respectful yng innocent girl dt jus passed on suddenly. 

I pray God be with ur parents and friends cos only him can console them of this unexpected tragedy. 

Thank you for honouring me, and I pray God bless u right thr in his kingdom. 

I can't say dt thing pple normally say, bt I will say sleepwell baby, we all love u.

Deola"obafunso" Adesiyan. 
Jimade WHERE’S THE GOOD IN GOODBYE? June 10, 2012

I remember the Sunday before your NYSC Orientation Camp, that was the last time I saw you; it was months ago but it seems just like yesterday. Ebun had slied us and I had to come get you, there you were with your funny walking pattern, smiling, laughing and cracking me up. We got to the Cinemas late. Folu, Bukky and company were already watching the movie. We sneaked in to the Cinema Hall thanks to Yinka Smile. Tower heist was playing and Eddie Murphy was hilarious. The movie was over, the sun had gone down and it was time to say our goodbyes.

You were a dash of sunbeam that cast a brief but joyful ray of sunlight to all that knew you. The little moments that I was privileged to spend with you, will be cherished forever. I wasn’t expecting the next goodbye to be final, for where is the good in this goodbye?

I’m sorry your family has to go through this,
I’m sorry you had to leave us so soon,
I’m sorry it had to be you,
I’m sorry I’m sending you a goodbye message,
But I won’t be dismayed “a goodbye is necessary before we can meet again and meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for us all”

The Unquestionable is up there and He has a reason for all. May He Comfort the family, friends and loved ones of our beloved Iniobong Asuquo who will be missed dearly.

You were here, now you are gone but you are forever in our hearts. Till we meet again sometime, somehow, somewhere in Heaven, “…For those who follow Godly paths will rest in peace when they die” Isaiah 57:1-2(NLT)…

'Pemi Our Ini June 9, 2012
Don't remember exactly how/when we met; we Archi- Estate Mgt girls all just sorta bonded, I guess.

My most recent memories of you would be: Our trip to the beach, you kept Folu, Douye and I waiting for a long time and had to change in the car because we had kept the cabbie waiting too long. You whined through out the journey but had me rolling my eyes when you were already asking for pictures two steps into the beach.

You kept Bukky and I waiting again on Gbola's birthday. Showed up unbathed and undressed. I was upset cos we were going to miss the actual surprise on Gbola's face, But that soon passed when we were all screaming and dancing.

I teased you about all your dresses/skirts being mini; you teased me about my small behind.

I'll miss you, Ini. We all will.
tolu sunmola you did not say goodbye Ini Asuquo June 9, 2012
Laughing,Smiling,Talking, Crying that was all her time was buying i remember the phone call saying she didn't make it i remember the pain and i still can't take it. They said it was her time to leave that's a fact i didn't want to believe i would do all i could  to get her life back It's her beautiful smile  that we all lack i miss her glowing and happy face the one that no one could ever replace i feel so bad you're probably wondering why, it's just the simple fact that i never said goodbye.

RIP Iniobong Asuquo. forever live in our heart....we love you....still finding it hard to believe......cant just think straight.........
kelly Amogu I still cant believe im writing this June 9, 2012
This is one of the hardest things i have done since May 2007. I cant believe im writing this at this point in my life. It took me the whole of today to bring myself to finally write this. Its like writing this is finally accepting that you are actually really never coming back and that is soo freaking hard to accept Ini!!! i spoke to you a day before and u still called me bighead and told me you wer coming back the next day and i had better arrange somewhere for us to go to on friday that you wer already bored sef and i said 'ehn iv heard, sha get to lagos first'. To think that i almost didnt pick that call because i was in a noisy place but the ini i know will shout on me and say 'ehen cant u move to a more quiet place? fear made me pick it and im eternally grateful. I never would have lived with myself if i had missed that call.

When i heard about the plane crash, your name didnt even cross my mind. i was just generally sad about the crash and i prayed sooooo hard to god that i dont wanna know anyone on it. Like 7pm and i was like 'ahhhan this ini cant even call s/one  to say she has landed ba? and i was like lemme jis call the fish (your fav abuse) to tell her that i have finally gotten her somewhere to go on friday. your number said it was switched off and i then became scared!! but another part of me said lai lai....then i pinged ope to see if she had spoken to you and she said "ini was on the dana flight".. those wer the hardest words i ever had to read!!! accepting it is even still a process on its own *sigh*

Ini is the most organised person i know. I can remember going to your room in Mary hall and seeing all your clothes tooooo neatly arranged from your tops to the belts, shoes and evn nighties. i remember dragging seyitan to come and see! and from then on we used to bribe you once in a while to help us arange our own lockers. i remember you always coming to i and seyitans room to come and scout for new songs because you thought our room was a mini club *rme*.... I remember one shirt you gave me when i was locked out of my room to use as a night shirt and the whole world has been saying "ahhhan you still have ds shirt?" for some reason i dunno, i never gave it out or dumped it. Now i have more than enough reason NEVER to!

I also remember our weekend in 2nd year at folu's house that all the boys wer on your case and i was just like "is it not ini again?"
and one boys house them Lani took us too that we said the place looks like a see how im writing like you canread this......welll i sincerly pray you can.

Words will never ever be enough to say how much i will miss you and how much i regret not spending much more time together ...which was what we wer planning to do this weekend.. sigh .... i thought no other death could hit me hard, afterall i thought the 'worst' had happened. apparently i was super wrong! your depature has stung me harder than i could ever say. sometimes it appears i am fine; i smile and laugh again but then it just hits me like a strong wave and im in tears like a mad person. its like i should never have a reason to be happy again or the world should jis stop even if for a day, to draw their attention that a rare person just departed from us *sigh* But 'jand boo' as you always used to call him has made me understand that you are actually in a waaaaaaay better place and that the only reason im sad is cos i just really miss you! Ini i miss you to tiny bits and shreds.

I wouldnt be able to finish today if i write all the memories i have of you but i do know this; you were the nicest person ever, never ever holding a grudge, willing to go the extra mile for your friends and you could dance for Europe!!!! i think dancing even made you happier than people

I guess this is my official goodbye to my Ini peperempe, my calabar bororo
I love and miss you forever and then some!!!!
bye boooo...
p.s: i still cant bring myself to type those 3letters for u...please understand xoxo
Gilbert Akpan "The good die young"??? June 9, 2012
The good die young is a euphemism for the pain when we lose someone that has soooooo much life in them. i met u last year in may, i was on my way to the states and you and your friends came to maliza's room on your way to bankhead...and i called you ladies bankhead girls, and we all had a big laugh outta that!!! i'm visiting home and to think of how much your family and your friends hurt over your lose is unfathomable. i'm glad i met u and the only way to numb the pain of your loss is to coat it with the only euphemism i know...and now believe
"The good die young"
God bless the dearly departed, we miss you!
HARFOW The only Akwaibom girl after my hrt June 9, 2012
My Frd! 
 I would start from 100level wen I met u, it was with bolanle n den u were on d100 n I was on D400. I would cum al d way n disturb ur ugly face n I keep disturbn u evrytym. We watch movies n eat spag 2geda. Den 200level came n we seperated cos we wre in different hostels bt evrytym I c u I keep frustratn u n distrbn u evrywre, on d road, in cafeteria, in chapel. N u will be like "Tolu must u b razz" and am like "shut up calabar grl, u knw u love me dat way" it happend like dat until I met u again in UYO
Durin my servce year I saw U in uyo, @ d airport...u told me dat u av a hse in uyo as well and we huggd n said u wre goin 2 abj and I was cumn 2 lagos. I boarded Aero n u went with DANA. Den ur servce came n u cald me and askd if I cld help with ur servce I gave u a guys number n u told me u had 2 go bak 2 abj to do things ursef.
U came 2 lagos n we were seeing often, u told me abt ur aunty n all....wen u always enter my car n u r always like "my dad must buy my car" and am like e will na. We wld go 2 gbolas hse 2 go n pik clothes n still complain dat we dnt av moni, u neva knw d road 2 her house n I keep yabn u cos we have 2 ask plenty pple on d road.... I remebr wen gbolas mum was askn wen we wld take her 4 dinner n gbola wantd 2 join. I remebr wen we wantd 2 watch brigbrother d day it started..dat day was fun u remembr!
We came from gbolas hse afta our sunday shopn, den 2 my hse der was no light den I took u 2 my frds hse. Getn 2 ez hse u saw plenty guys and am like nufin we r jst frds u felt comfortable. We lafd @ lady may n all of em. Den dos 2 guys wre nice 2 u all of a suden, den my frds fiance made eba 4 us n u were like "I want rice" u cldnt finish d fish n dey told u 2 keep d fish in ur poket n take hme. N u wre like "tolu u like food" n I cldt drop u hme bcos of I had eatn 2 much.
Den anytym I frustrate u, u say "chop kiss" n I keep yabn ur tiny legs.....2many thngs I remebr...wen aunty pat will cum up with jist. She knws all d nollyhood jist n she is always talkn 2 her husbd day n night, den our sunday lunch. I will forever miss dat. I rembr wen I will force u 2 go 4 masters n u will keep postponin n I go angree cos I wantd us 2 go 2geda. Wen we all went 4 d wedding n we were all dancing etigi n u wre like "I dnt knw hw 2 dance" n d rush 4 d icecream n cake n ur mum was sayn d single ladies shld cum out. U even fueld my car dat day.
I remebr wen I went 2 bunmis hse I ate noodles n we all yabd goldie n I was shoutn dat, u used my frd dat e will sleep with u 4 free. U wre jst so cool with my character no mater wat I say! U neva get angry or take tins personal. N I loved U 4 dat.
I remebr AY live! U frustrated me dat day! I almost killd u bt we had fun @ d end, den I rember u keep calln me evry weekd if I was goin 2 club n I keep insultn u 2 sit ur ass in ur hse
Den sunday came n dey started pingn me n I started sayn if only! If only I neva gave u d idea dat u can speak 2 ur LG to give u exeat, if only I didn't give u d guys number who gave u hope dat u cld redeploy,if only summer wasn't hre, if only....and till nw I can't still hold bak d tears! I leave my hse evryday n pass tru ur hse. N I keep sayn IF ONLY.
RIP my dear! Its hard 2 believe bt I will 4eva remebr u my darling! U will always b d only Akwaibom Girl afta my hrt *CHOP KISS*
yt zak D squeaky voice stays... June 9, 2012
"Yetunde Zaccheaus" in ur squeaky voice when u screamed  back den in uni...*sigh*  i love clothes,shoes, luking gud and all buh IniiiiiiIiii...Mehnn..She was a definition of Stylish,Classy,Elegant...She neva got it wrong for once with d colour combo. We were not close but every minute u see me, u r screaming out my names in full and  totally loved u like that.... got a dm dt sunday and checked Linda Ikeji cos i  trust that one *rolling eyes* and d tears... Sleep Well Ini
Major Chuka timeline... the INI I knew, the INI I know June 9, 2012
Timeline... from the first day we met till the last day we saw each other

About 25 days to graduation, all of a sudden, Tomisin started asking me some questions, Folu became nicer to me, Bukky came to talk with me, obviously something strange was happening. After one of those tiring TTG night sessions, the ultimate set-up happened, Folu dragged me to you, said something about wanting to see who was taller and off she went... That was the first night i *saw you in almost 5years of being in that small school. and from that night, all i could think off was your smile, your eyes the way you rolled them, your skinny self, the way u drifted through the air... In a short while the text messages and late phone calls began.

convocation day, i remember how i wanted to at least say hi to your mum, now i wish it happened so i wouldnt be that strange guy saying 'Ini loves you ma, and God would see you through'
The night @ the beach, i remember how inseperable we were and how i wanted you to ride with me back to the mainland...

Icecream factory, I remember gbola coming down to see tears on your face in the car and how you yelled @ her to leave you alone, i remember the conversation of how your travelling for that summer 2011 was going to be tough for me, i remember you promising to keep in touch a promise you kept so well... im sure the fone lines wld have been tired of us, i remember how u wld chat with me everytime you had internet access in italy... i remember how we would talk about how difficult parents could be... I rememebr how we talked so long paused and said at the same time 'you know me so well'

i remember how i was always to eager to pick you at the airport whenever you came into lagos... i remeber the day my dad came when you were in my house... *sigh* these memories linger vividly.. like a tape it replays in my head over and over again at nights.. how short my nights have become

i remeber the hustle to get into lagos for NYSC, i remember the day at ebuns house, i remember the day i told you... 'you are the strongest girl i ever met' I remember camp, how i had to keep clearing my text memory cos of the uncountable back and forth text...

i remember how i hurt your feelings on your birthday 'im sorry' and i remember how you totally understood me

i remember how i schemed my way to being on the team of engineers representing my company in mobil, so i could be close to you.. i remember some days when you wouldnt take the staff bus just so we could ride together to magodo... such days i was happy about the traffic cos i could spend more time with you

Now i remember the day you were to leave lagos for abuja and you came up to my office till you cab guy came, i remember the glow in you eyes, the red tint in you hair... i remember the drilling engineers giving me the look... i remember how i hugged you just before you stepped into the elevator not caring who was looking... i remember how we skyped early hours on saturday morning and you told me you were thinking of shifting your return flight till monday... 'now i wish you did that'

i remember how myself and tomisin said we wld flog you for not picking your fone on sunday when we heard about the crash...'we were too sure you werent on that flight' i remember crying like a baby before the manifest was out... i cried till i had no tears left in my eyes... i hold so dearly every voice note you sent to me.. i backed them up in many places b'cos i always want to hear your voice.

i could write a million words, heck a billion, but that wouldnt bring you back... please tell Jesus to send a host of angels to comfort your mum, your dad and your grieving friends...

INI i loved, INI i love...
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